Ayurvedic Activities

Ayurvedic Pharmacy Visit
20Km away from here. Aykara Pharmaceuticals has a 70 year old history in Ayurvedic treatment and medicine manufacturing. Founded by Vaidya Kalanidhi Aykara N. Gopalan Vaidyar this institution has a back up of decades of expertise in genuine Ayurvedic Practice. With years of study and research, the Company now manufactures above 200 varieties of ayurvedic medicines. 

Cruising along the palm fringed back waters in a country boat is just an ‘out of this world experience’. With a tender puff of air to relieve, you can glide around the Ashtamudi Lake or rent a ferry to see the environs from the water side. A unique selection is a jaunt in the sound and comfortably outfitted houseboats which can be borrowed for short or long journeys.
Village Visit
In addition to the famous backwater cruises; you could experience the sensations of the numerous dynamic villages that sideline the cruise route. You can set foot into a living Kerala Village and see the conventional homes of Kerala with their archetypal design and tiled roofs; you can take a peep into the village shrine. You can saunter by the village canals and local coconut trunk bridges and enjoy a bullock cart ride if you are lucky.Frequent visits to the nearby villages which will be assisted by one assistant from the Sarovaram. We organize a one day trip to the Munroe Island (Munroothuruthu) located at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River. This island village is a tourism destination where one can watch coir weaving, coir retting process, fishing, prawns feeding, migratory bird, narrow canals and waterways, coconut farms on the lake shore, lagoons, kandal plants and the beautiful tiny islands of Pathupara.

Kerala has several temples venerated and visited by hordes of people every year. We take you to some of the significant and sacrosanct temples. Each temple in Kerala has a folklore, which throws light on some facet or other of early Kerala culture and you can discover the effort that has gone in the construction of these temples. The Veerabhadra Swamy Temple at Ashtamudi in Kollam is the only temple in the southern part of the country with Veerabhadra as the presiding deity.

Acquaint yourself with the conventional and eco friendly coir industry. Coir weaving, a major occupation of the woman folk has of late become a prominent industry. The assortment of coir products woven by hand from the coconut husk fibre - mats, baskets, wall hangings etc are extremely in demand in just about all International markets.

Bird watching
For the birder, not many parts of the world can equal the excellent range of thrilling endemic birds that dwell in India ’s peninsular mountain chain, the Western Ghats . Kerala’s enormous mixture of environments, including mountains, chilly verdant woodland, tropical forests, and seashores, is one of the reasons for the abundance of bird life. In addition to this strolling in the neighbourhood can be one of a kind experience to all. In Kollam the capital of the district, there are sufficient openings to do shopping – herbs and spices, lungis, saris, and Indian materials.

One of the uniqueness among the many novel pastime activities with us during you vacation is that we take you for a brief school visit. A peep into the busy yet carefree life of a student and we are sure you will have hordes of personal multi-hued memories to reminisce.

Herbal Garden Visit
Our trained botanist will lead an expedition through our herbal garden and describe about Ayurvedic medicinal plants and herbs.