Ayurvedic Holidays

A holiday with painting as a theme or with out changing the main focus on Ayurveda can be clubbed together . It can be a single or a small group .different locations in Sarovaram can be considered, there are wonder full spots in our place can be inspiring for artists .you can take a day cruise in a rice boat or a large canoe, house boat /motor boat through the narrow canals and villages , paddy fields .


         Nothing in particular except our package / accommodation costs , hiring of boats, cost of materials and cost of hiring a local artist if needed.


         Available all the year, . Timings flexible, low tourist season April to October much preferable, . A proper schedule can be worked out if needed.

  Period of stay

         Ideally a minimum of at least 3 to 4 days. A week would be fine.

  Other details

       Better to bring your own materials and equipment. If required basic materials are available locally. Local artists can be hired to participate, help or guide. Other locations like hill stations and activities like wildlife trek, mountain trek, outdoor camping etc. can be considered.