•  Is your resort like a Spa? 
             Sarovaram is quite different to a Spa. A Spa provides you well being with an indulgent external environment to help relax and feel good. The hotel facilities of Sarovaram are combined with extensive Ayurveda medicinal facilities to provide a comprehensive system of healing aimed at the total well being of the individual. Sarovaram aims at healing the body, mind and spirit with authentic herbal medicine, different kinds of medicinal massages and other therapies with the objective of lasting well being and treating specific illnesses for which allopathic (western medicine) may have no answer.

  •  I wants to combine many things in one trip. A little sightseeing, some Ayurvedic treatment and a good and safe holiday.
           Sarovaram caters to the needs of a varied clientele of repeating guests. today's guest’s are health conscious and have spending money, and people have enjoyed Sarovaram for its secure and caring environment. We also organize different excursions to places of interest around the resort, and tours to places of cultural and scenic interest. These short excursions are operated at moderate costs 

  •  Is the resort like a hospital?
           The resort is a ideal place for personalized holidays - with all the facilities that go into a comfortable and enjoyable backwater vacations. It is how ever more than a holiday resort. It provides the correct environment to engage in the healing that comes from within. The focal point is the Ayurvedic specialized health centre with all the facilities of a Hospital, that is required to provide authentic ayurveda treatment. The Ayurveda centre has about doctors, therapists and other staff. Western (allopathic) doctors are also on call) the resort also provides atmosphere of a well equipped Ayurvedic Hospital.
  •  How can I reach there
          The nearest airport to the resort is Trivandrum airport which is 85 Kilometers from the airport - to the South of Kerala . It takes about 2 - 2.5 hours to get to the resort, depending on the time of the day and traffic. Nearest railway station is Kollam railway station ,15 Kms away from Sarovaram. Nearest Bus station is Kollam bus station ,13 Kms away from Sarovaram. We provides all travel arrangements on reasonable costs .

  •   What can I do other than taking the Ayurveda treatment ?
         Apart from Ayurveda treatments, Sarovaram is a best place for holidays and backwaters, village holidays , we also organize short excursions and cultural activities such as backwater cruises , house boat , canal cruise , local sight seeing trips etc. 

  •  Best time to visit
        Option 1
            Climatically best time to visit here is November to March
       Option 2
            On financial side April to September is better because, from April tourist season ends and prices will fall down, If you are not too touristy. Monsoon is from June to August, according the science this is the best time for Ayurvedic treatments.

  •  Payment mode
           We accepts banks transfers or direct payment with Indian rupees and Euro, USD , GBP,CHF .We don’t have card payment facility ,small advance payments might be required ,depending the availability .

  •  Cancellation policy
         Flexible, according to the availability