Our Policy

Economic Policy

                 Sarovaram enhance the value of an unexplored tourist destination, Ashtamudi Backwaters. Sarovaram brings economic developments to the local society, since we provide employment to 50 local families, directly and indirectly, and improves their well being. Thus purchasing the Raw medicinal herbs and Ayurvedic raw materials, we extent our support to the local herbal market, And small scale entrepreneurs.

Social policy 

               We involve with local society, in planning of the infrastructure and still involve them in the maintenance of the assets .Their skill and knowledge were used in developing the Sarovaram, because the workers from the nearly area were involved in construction. A road has built up in this area only, because of Sarovaram has come up in such remote area surrounded by Backwaters and paddy fields. We are making an impact on the health status of the people, by our free of cost services in our hospital, and supplying the Ayurvedic medicines from our own factory, to the villagers on subsidized prices. With a view to protect and support the ancient Vastu Vidya of our own Kerala state, our cottages are built in the traditional Kerala architectural style.

Environmental policy 

                We use our resources, especially water in high judiciously and reduce over consumption; we have cleaned our Backwaters surrounding Sarovaram and maintain it hygienically. We under taken plant conversation effort in our area by planting herbs and medicinal plants, we use earthworm compost as the fertilizers .A plant is converting our garbage’s and food and vegetable wastes to biogas ,which is being used in Sarovaram .With painful efforts we maintain eco-friendly atmosphere in Sarovaram .We use solar water heating system in order to maintain renewable source of energy. A daily fumigation with special herbs being done on daily basis in all our cottages.